Hardware / Software Repair / Upgrades

Here at Conant Tech, we understand what a misbehaving device can do to your home or your office. Technology is more than just a bunch of electronics. It contains important data for your business, photos of your family and friends, music to entertain you, and much more. That’s why we offer a wide variety of different in shop, remote, and on site services!
And we will make it all easy to understand!

We Can Come to You!


Hardware / Software Repair / Upgrades:

Whether your display has failed, your hard drive has died, software is giving you funny errors, want to upgrade your system, your tablet or smartphone is broken, and anything in between, this is for you! Most repairs take between 1 to 2 hours on average. We repair both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh systems.
Remote Session:

Did you know that our technicians can solve a number of problems remotely by connecting to your computer? That's right! Whether you have an issue with your software or would like us to help walk you through a tutorial, we can do it remotely.
Virus / Malware Scan & Removal:

The Internet is filled with viruses and other nasty stuff. Even if you run an antivirus program, you could still catch a virus and other forms of malware. Our technicians can get into the deep parts of your system, find those threats, and get rid of them for you to get you back on track!
System Wipe & Reinstall:

Sometimes we all need a fresh start. Our technicians will backup your data, remove it from your hard disk, and reinstall your operating system, your documents, and a few important programs to get you back up and running again.
SYSTEM WIPE: A system wipe is a complete removal of the data and software on a system. These programs cannot be reinstalled unless the original software and license are provided by the customer.

Onsite Appointments:

We can come to your! Schedule an appointment with us and we will drive your home or office. We can resolve a wide variety of issues. We can set up your systems, install networks, and of course most of our in shop services as well!
Data Recovery:

Did you delete something you didn't think you'd need? Does your system no longer boot to your operating system? We have special tools that can help us get that data back to you, safely

DATA RECOVERY is not guaranteed depending on the state of the drive.
System Cleanup / Tune Up:

Computers, just like any other tool, needs maintenance to keep it running well. That's where we come in. We will remove unnecessary files, registry entries, look for corrupted data, and more, to help keep your computer working for you.

Parts and software are extra and require prepayment before ordering.
Call or email to learn more.

We accept cash, check and

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Payment due 30 days from date of invoice issue if mailed. Otherwise payment is due when service is provided.

*Data Recovery is not guaranteed depending on the state of the hard drive.
All hourly services are charged a minimum of 1 hour, then charged in half hour increments thereafter.


Conant Tech will make every effort to repair any computer, printer, or “device”. We employ the latest technology, tools, and education to attempt repair of said devices. However, Conant Tech cannot, and will not be held responsible for any damages to said devices while in service. This includes damages due to power surges, static electricity, water leaks, fire, and “acts of God.” Conant Tech will also not be held responsible for any data loss that may occur while in our possession. All hard drives WILL eventually fail. A hard drive may fail upon booting a computer AT ANY TIME, which MAY result in data loss. If you have any questions, please ask your technician. ABANDONMENT:All computers, printers, hard drives, peripherals, or “devices” must be picked up and paid for within 60 days of the date it was dropped off. If the said items are not picked up and paid for within the 60 day period Conant Tech will consider the item abandoned, and become the property of Conant Tech. Conant Tech will notify no less than once, before the item is considered abandoned. VIRUS REMOVAL:A “Virus” is a type of “Malware” (Malicious-Software) that can be as harmless, or extremely harmful. Not all anti-virus software can stop all viruses at all times. Viruses can infect a computer from ANY external source; usually the internet. Conant Tech will attempt to remove a virus(es) from systems, but cannot guarantee that the virus(es) will be completely removed. Ask your technician about other options for complete removal of viruses from your computer. SYSTEM RESTORE: A system restore is a complete removal of the data and software on a system. These programs cannot be reinstalled until the original software was provided by the customer. All serial keys, licenses, or product keys must be provided as well.